Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Greg Fitzsimmons "Stand Down"

I've never worked with the audio from stand up comedians before, despite my work with PBS on Blank on Blank.. vaguely similar.  Anyway, enjoy this episode of AV Club's "Stand Down" featuring Comedian Greg Fitzsimmons..

Monday, July 17, 2017

Mark Osborne

I first met the great animator Mark Osborne at a dinner party, held at animation impresario Ron Diamond's house about 20 years ago. We got to talking and became good friends. 

Ever since I saw his Oscar-nominated film "More" from 1998, I've been a fan of Mark's work.  I also loved "Kung Fu Panda", which he directed in 2008 with John Stevenson for DreamWorks and Jeffrey Katzenberg.  And of course, his most recent success was "The Little Prince" in 2015, one of the most beautiful films I've seen. 

After he moved from Paris to New York, we reconnected at an Academy screening and now he lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  I saw him at a recent screening and invited myself up to his country estate. 

It was wonderful to just relax and talk about his career and all the Hollywood people he knows.  What was particularly interesting was that he gave me the secret tips on how to pitch to the studios.  And I'm not going to give them away here - because now I'm going to start pitching to the Hollywood executives and I need every edge I can get. 

So, if you get a chance, check out Mark's films, especially "More", which is an undiscovered gem. 

Now I'm off to San Diego this week - so my next blog will be filled with all sorts of cartoon news and gossip, along with a report on our big "Revengeance" screening , and photos of the famous people and beautiful cosplayers who came to our booth...

See ya,

Bill P.

Monday, July 10, 2017

My Weekend with Pat Smith

The recent Fourth of July weekend was a great opportunity to spend some time with my Scribble Junkies blog-mate, and great animator, Pat Smith.  He and his family live out in Montauk, a little bit of paradise on the tip of Long Island, New York.

It was fun for me to catch up with him on his career and see what he's been working on - we only really connect in person a few times each year.  He's got this great studio in a reconverted garage and in a way, it's the total opposite of my studio.  Pat's gone paperless - he even got rid of his DVD library and most of his books - his studio consists basically of his Cintiq computer and a large screen.

By contrast, I still have an animation disc, a drawing table, stacks of animation bond paper and jars of pencils and sharpies - and of course, in my studio, 100 or so large boxes containing all my original art from my old films.  By the way, this old art is an excellent source of needed income - it's all for sale.

So Pat's gone totally paperless - and me, I've got paper everywhere - and I suppose you could say I should be ashamed for causing the demise of so many beautiful trees.  But I just love the pencil on paper experience, or more often now, ballpoint pen on paper.

While we were hanging out on the lake, drinking rum punches, we came up with a lot of ideas for future Scribble Junkies articles and we're starting to put together another Scribble Junkies Film Festival - but more about that later on this fall.

One other idea we had, which I love, is to create a Top Ten list of stoner films - not films about smoking pot, like the "Cheech & Chong" movies, but films that give you the experience of being stoned.  Please send in your favorite "stoner" films and I'll add my own and we'll have a list of the Top 25 of all time.

Also, I'm going to include here some recent sketches I made during my daily subway rides:

And also, don't forget to come to my booth, #1537, and my events at the San Diego Comic-Con, which I'll reprint here:

My new animated short "Cop Dog" is going to screen as part of the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival (CCIIFF).  This will be on Thursday, July 20, at 4:30 pm in Grand Ballroom 3&4 at the San Diego Marriott Marquis, 333 W. Harbor Drive, which is right next to the convention center (closest to Hall A).  I'll be there to do a quick introduction for the film, which is (believe it or not) the FIFTH film in my very popular "Dog" series.

Then on Friday, July 21 at 5 pm, Jim Lujan and I will have a panel in Room 25ABC (on the upper floor) at the convention center.  We'll show some of my new shorts, like "No Snow for Christmas", a clip from "Revengeance" and "Modern Lives", one of the new music videos I've been working on for Jackie Greene.  Jim will moderate the panel and we'll take questions from the audience and everyone who comes to the panel will get a free sketch from me.

And on Friday night, 7/21 at 10:35 pm, we're going to screen the full film of "Revengeance", this will be the first non-film festival screening in the U.S.!  This is going to take place in Grand Ballroom 8 at the San Diego Marriott Marquis, 333 W. Harbor Dr. and admission is going to be FREE for anyone with a Comic-Con badge - WOW, that's huge!  The seating is limited, so please try to get there early!

I hope to see you all there!

--Bill Plympton